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The large and oppressive presence of trucks on a freeway can be felt by any passenger traveling in a car, van, or SUV. Anyone who has driven on the freeway is wary of driving next to a semi- or 18-wheeler and usually makes an effort to avoid driving too close to a truck. When a trucking accident does occur, the results are usually catastrophic, and often fatal. At Kramer & Dunleavy, LLP, we help the victims of trucking accidents and their families assert their rights against negligent truck drivers and the companies that manage and operate commercial trucks.

Trucks are expected to uphold a higher standard of care than other drivers on the freeway. When you are injured or lose a loved one to a negligent truck driver or company, you deserve maximum compensation for your injuries or losses.

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Trucking accidents cases can be extremely complex, involving federal and state regulations, industry standards, multiple defendants, and large trucking companies. When you are facing trucking accident litigation, you want to be certain that your attorneys are skilled and capable of asserting your rights effectively to return maximum compensation for you and your family.

At Kramer & Dunleavy, LLP, our truck accident attorneys are experienced with all of the following:


A truck accident may be caused by a fatigued or negligent driver, inclement weather conditions, or a failure to secure the truck. In many cases, federal and state regulations control the security measures that must be taken by individual drivers and the trucking companies. A driver is expected to limit the number of hours on the freeway to prevent fatigue. Weights of trucks and speeds are also highly controlled. When you are a victim of a trucking accident, it is likely that your accident could have been prevented if all laws and regulations were complied with. Our attorneys thoroughly investigate trucking accidents to identify every potential cause of the accident. We will also identify every responsible party or agency to pursue maximum compensation for your family.

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