Representing Victims of Spinal Cord Injuries

More than any other type of injury, a spinal cord injury is devastating and may lead to the most significant detriment to a victim’s, health, security, and emotional well-being. A spinal cord injury may lead to paralysis and other severe disabilities that leave the victim impaired and unable to work or handle everyday tasks. If you, your child, or a loved one has suffered spinal cord injury, our attorneys at Kramer & Dunleavy, LLP will assert your rights to recover maximum compensation for your injuries and losses.

We are concerned about what long-term provisions will be made for you including medical care, changes in the home for handicap accessibility, as well as obtaining appropriate transportation for a disabled person.

If your child has suffered a spinal cord injury at birth, we will thoroughly investigate the procedure and medical records to identify every party responsible for those injuries. The spinal cord injury of your child is devastating. You may need to recover care needs, prosthetic limbs, and have to care for a disabled child. We are sympathetic to the severity of your loss and injury and will work to recover the compensation that you and your family deserve.

Contact us if you or a loved one has suffered a spinal cord injury. We are experienced with all of the following:

If you or a loved one has suffered a severe spinal cord injury or accident, you may be worried about future care needs. Our attorneys will work with you to ensure that you are financially secure in handling your immediate and long-term medical needs. Many people who suffer spinal cord injuries are unable to work. We can help you recover significant compensation to ensure that you recover lost wages and that you can care for your family now and into the future.

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