New York Food-Borne Illness Attorney

You trust that when you consume a food product from a restaurant or store that an individual or agency has taken appropriate measures to ensure that you and your children are safe. Despite federal and state regulations implemented to keep food safe, people continue to be inflicted with serious, even deadly food-borne illnesses. Kramer & Dunleavy, LLP is a New York, New York-based law firm dedicated to protecting consumers and their families from food-borne illness.

Food-borne illnesses can affect the body for a lifetime. When you or your child is injured, you deserve maximum compensation from every responsible party.

Contact us today if you have suffered as the result of food poisoning. Most bacteria in food are the result of negligence and failure to follow standard procedures. We will assert your rights to recover the compensation you deserve.

Food-borne illnesses can affect a woman, her child, or an unborn fetus. Our attorneys have assisted women whose fetuses suffered life-altering or even fatal illnesses resulting from food-borne bacteria. A food-borne illness may leave a child severely impaired. If you, your child, or your fetus has been affected by a food-borne illness, contact our lawyer to learn more about your rights. We will identify every party responsible for the bacteria and the illness and pursue appropriate causes of action to ensure that your family is compensated for all injuries and losses.

Our food-borne illness attorneys are experienced with all of the following:

  • E-coli
  • Listeria
  • Illness from meat
  • Illness from produce
  • Food-borne illness and the elderly
  • Food-borne illness and children
  • Injury to fetus
  • Wrongful death

Children and elderly are most vulnerable to the effects of food-borne illness. The consequences can be severe, even deadly. If someone you love has suffered from food-borne illness, our attorneys will aggressively pursue every agency responsible for the bacteria. We will fully investigate your case to trace the food back to its bacterial source. In one of our cases we were able to trace DNA back to the source of bacteria in a plant from another state. Routinely we work with bacteriologists, neurologists, and other professionals who can testify to the injuries and the source of bacteria.

Free consultation: For a free initial consultation with an experienced women’s health, safety, and rights lawyer serving women suffering from food borne illness in New York City and throughout New York, contact Kramer & Dunleavy, LLP.

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